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UKIM combines three internationally recognized programs into one, providing the very best education to your children.

These include a combination of the American, British and Canadian curricula.
Each package is prepared individually for each child after the evaluation process (first week of school), taking into account that not every child speaks English at the same level on their first day of school, and each child is unique and learns at a different pace.

Kindergarten & Preschool Program
Ages 2 - 6 work with their teacher on developing proper English language skills through game, music, play and design.
Working with a native English speaker has proven to be a crucial part of learning proper English grammar and fluent pronunciation at such an early stage.

In addition, research has shown that exposure to a foreign language at an early age enhances cognitive development, improves self-esteem, builds confidence and provides for better results in all levels of education and career later in life.

The preschool teacher prepares work packages for each student, tackling core subjects such as Mathematics and Social Sciences in a fun way, all with the purpose of preparing each child for the curriculum they will follow starting from the age of 6.

Montenegrin language lessons are held either twice or three times a week for a period of 45 minutes.

Grades 1 through 8
English language lessons develop skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar.
UKIM has placed special focus on literacy for these students.
Based on current research and international practices, students will be exposed to the best and latest educational developments.

Mathematics lessons work to stimulate students in working on problem solving skills and developing the understanding for basic principles of Mathematics.

Social studies is both a hands on and exploratory course which helps each student understand the nature that surrounds us.

Arts, Music and Creative Workshops provide students with the option to explore and experience different cultures, customs, way of life, arts, food and music from around the world.

Montenegrin language lessons are taught by a Montenegrin teacher and provide the students basic speaking skills and phrases needed when living in Montenegro.

Summer School 2017 Registration is now open!
From 3 to 28 July 2017. 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Ages accepted: 3 to 15!
No school work, only fun, water games, arts, crafts, Lego and Art competitions and exhibitions, Scooter races, etc etc....and everything only in English!


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